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Hebel panel installation

13 April 2015

Contractors United + Hebel = Love.

We are your local Hebel installers and are able to provide skilled trades to install any Hebel product in the greater regions of Sydney, Hunter, Illawarra and the south coast of New South Wales

It’s a Hebel Monday here at the office,

So what is Hebel? I can hear you say.

Hebel is a versatile building system. It comes in blocks or panels, and is made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete.  (AAC) It contains steel reinforcements and is available in a variety of sizes.

So what, you say? Isn’t that the same as using bricks? … Well apparently NO. There are many reasons why Hebel is a well loved alternative, when you are looking to build a new home, or renovate, you are bombarded with selections, and are asked to make literally thousands of choices and sometimes on products you know very little about. Keeping this in mind I thought I would go on a little survey, as a representative for the civilians of the non construction world to gain a better insight into what all the hoo-ha is all about. So I brought out my journalists note pad, pen, and serious questioning voice, and went around the construction department and asked each of the boys why they loved Hebel.

Danny: It aces every other product on the market for thermal properties. It provides the best thermal and acoustic protection. Where bricks retain heat, the technology that has gone into the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete system has resulted in a product that really reduces the reliance on heaters and air conditioners. I have used Hebel in my own home, and when you are located in a busy high traffic environment you really notice the difference with the significant sound transmission and absorption not only from out side to inside, but also between walls and levels of the house. Because it is also so lightweight I did not have to compromise on a uniquely contemporary design process as it reduced the need for excessive piering… It also allowed for a cleaner construction site! No bricks everywhere!

Chris: Hebel is awesome because it is so fast to install. It is up and finished in days instead of weeks, which then means your scaffold can be dropped faster, in turn decreasing costs. It drops building overhead and timeframes with the removal of many trades. I have read that installing one Hebel panel is the same as laying 75 bricks! Beside this it’s an environmentally a cleaner choice, so its win win.

Will: Hebel works so well because it is a quick traditional wall system. It‘s low maintenance and is very quick to install. It doesn’t crack like bricks, and provides more advantages in terms of thermal insulation and fire properties to cladding, which brings it in as a top contender for an external façade system. It looks great. Its sleek, and awesome, modern, and versatile… Really, it’s just like me!

so there you are Hebel: In a nut shell: Its strong, pretty, can be coated with almost anything, provides a sound barrier, helps your wallet stay fat,  best of all it was developed  in Scandinavia, and lets face it what doesn’t Scandinavia do well!

If you are a home owner looking to renovate, or add extensions, or are you looking to build a new home, or development? Hebel is the answer to your flooring, internal walls and external facade cladding . Thank you CSR.

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